How to Get Rid of Large Pores: The Best Step by Step Guide

For any woman wanting to look her best, large pores and blemishes can pose a problem. These get in the way of a beautiful and healthy look, not to mention that they age a woman. For softer and healthier-looking skin, it’s important to shrink pores and get rid of blemishes. There are several different methods a woman can use to shrink her pores and make her skin radiant. This article is brought to you by someone with years of cosmetology experience, and as such is the best reference guide for anyone looking to shrink their pores. If you know anyone else who could benefit, feel free to share the info on social networks! Post any questions about these methods and steps below the article.

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Tips Before You Start:

  • Always make sure that your hands are clean before you touch your face. Your fingertips in particular are full of oils that can clog your pores.
  • Don’t do all of these things at once! A face washing regimen should be implemented over several days or even weeks. If you do all of these in one day, then there’s a good chance your skin will become both dry and irritated. That’s definitely not good for closing pores.
  • Have everything prepared before you start your regimen.
  • If you’re using products, make sure they’re not expired. Also check out the customer reviews for whatever you’re buying before you make a purchase. There are many different brands of cleanser available.
  • Don’t over-steam your pores. And try not to suction your face with pore cleanser.
  • If anything hurts, stop immediately.

Without further ado, here are the ultimate steps to cleansing and shrinking your pores:

1: Get in the habit of washing your face thoroughly. You should wash your face twice a day. More than that has the chance of drying out the oils in your skin, which will actually make blemishes worse. Each morning and evening, make it part of your routine to wash your face.


2: Make it a habit to splash cold water on your face several times a day. Warm water opens your pores up, and cold water closes them.

3: Find a toner that’s specifically created for oily skin. These toners have special ingredients inside that are made to tighten pores, and are an excellent help in closing large pores.

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4: Use Astringent.. Astringents are like toners, but they’re usually based from alcohol and are much stronger. You should only use astringent if you have very oily skin, however; astringent will be too harsh for dry skin.




5: After you’ve washed your face each day, moisturize. This doesn’t close your pores, but it will keep your skin from drying out. If your skin dries out, you’ll be at risk for more blemishes and your pores opening up again


6: Look for specialized blotting papers. There are blotting papers that are created specifically to reduce the size of pores. You can find them on the market or ask your dermatologist about them.


7: Place ice cubes on your face. Put them on the large and open pores, then leave them there for fifteen to thirty seconds. Doing this will cause your skin to tighten.


8: Next you’re going to need to make a baking soda paste. Be careful with baking soda if you have sensitive skin, since it may irritate it and cause red splotches.




9: To create the paste, mix two tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of warm water together.


10: Rub the paste into your open pores for about thirty seconds, moving your fingertips in a circular motion.


11: Rinse all of the paste off.


12: Keep this up as part of your normal evening hygiene routine for five to seven nights a week. After the first week, lessen to between three and five times a week.


21: Buy vitamins. Not only do vitamins help with your body’s overall health, but some can improve the look of skin almost instantly. Vitamins A and C can both make scars and blemishes less noticeable.

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22: Buy alpha and beta hydroxy acids. They have a scary name, but they’re actually very simple products! These are also known as AHAs and BHAs, and are a chemical exfoliant. Since they’re chemically produced, they’re more effective than natural exfoliants. They’re designed to penetrate pores and get rid of all of the dead skin that a natural exfoliant will leave behind. Use an AHA or BHA peel only once every month or month and a half.


23: Use a lemon to reduce the redness of blemishes and the look of large pores. You’ll need tomato juice, lemon juice, tumeric, and sugar to complete the best forms of this ritual.


24: Once you’ve gathered all of your materials together, mix the tomato juice and the lemon juice. Then use a cotton swab to rub it into your face. You should leave it there for ten minutes and then wash it off. Don’t let it stay for more than ten minutes, as this can irritate your skin. You should do this regularly until you see results.


25: Add together two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Add a tiny bit of tumeric and rub the mixture into your face with a cotton swab. You should wash it off after ten minutes. Again, don’t let it stay for ten minutes so that you don’t irritate your skin.


26: If you’ve done both of these and want a new nightly ritual, try rubbing a lemon peel and a tiny bit of sugar over your face. This will close your pores and exfoliate your skin. Leave the sugar and lemon on your skin for ten minutes before washing it off.


27: Buy¬†sandalwood and mix it with water to make a paste. Rub it gently over your face and leave it like a mask for between ten and twenty minutes. You shouldn’t leave it for more than twenty minutes before you wash it off.

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28: Take a banana peel or a papaya peel. These peels both have enzymes and acids that will make blemishes and pores less noticeable. Rub either of these peels on your skin, and leave the residue on your face for about fifteen minutes before washing it off.


29: Invest in a rosehip seed oil. If you put a low dose on your face every day for fifteen minutes, you’ll quickly notice a lack of redness and a decrease in pore size.




30: Always wear sunscreen when you’re outside and try to keep out of too much direct sunlight. Though getting a tan may seem appealing, many of the products you’ll use on your skin will make it more susceptible to sun damage, which will bring you right back to square one.

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31: If none of the above methods have helped you, make an appointment with your doctor to talk about your pores. Your doctor will be able to prescribe medication that will help your skin. Some medications will target the skin itself, while others will target hormones and oil glands that cause increased pore sizes.


There are many different methods and steps available to shrink pores. From the simplicity of nightly washing to the more complex masks and products on the market, any woman is sure to find the perfect way to cleanse and shrink her pores. Following any of these steps will give a healthier and radiant glow to skin, as well as improving self-esteem and making any lady the life of the party.

As with all skin treatments, it may be a few weeks before there’s a huge amount of improvement. It’s very important not to give up. Exfoliation often brings up dirt and bacteria underneath the skin, and it’s at least a week before all of it is cleared completely out of the skin.

For anybody looking to clear and shrink their pores on a budget, this guide should be a step-by-step answer to all of your questions. It’s a resource that should be shared with any woman looking for help with her appearance. If this has helped you at all, then share it with your friends! After all, the best way to help friends is by sharing helpful information.


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